Fun With The Photo Booth


Over the past a couple of weeks, the booth has been in full swing and I have to say it's been a ball.

On October 26 DMP was at the Metamorphosis Fashion show put on on by Eco Equitable. Eco Equitable is a group that provides a bridge to social and economic integration for people in need, especially immigrant women, while making our community greener. The evening began slowly, but the fun really started at the intermission; people were lining up to use the booth and show off their silliest faces.

Metamphorphosis Fashion show

The same week, the booth and I were at the Yelp Artisan Market in support of  Operation Come Home, which is an innovative organization that offers a multitude of comprehensive programs and educational opportunities to clients. Located in downtown Ottawa, Operation Come Home helps hundreds of at-risk and homeless youth access the services and support they need in order to make positive changes in their lives. 

As you can see, even the most serious and mission-driven people enjoy taking goofy photos.

Yelp Artisan Market

Algonquin College Market

The last stop for October was at Algonquin College's AC Market. AC Market is designed to help new entrepreneurs test their products and services. I had a blast watching otherwise stressed-out students and typically conservative profs using the booth and being as crazy as possible.

It's been a busy month and November promises to be an even bigger flurry of activity, with the booth's first stop of Dylan Blacks Birthday Extravaganza at the Red Lion Pub. Dylan has raised money to support the Max Keeping Foundation and CHEO for the past three years.

As much as I love being behind the lens, I find it even more rewarding and satisfying to really interact with people and see them let out their goofy side at my photo booth.

Sports, Sports and more Sports!!!!

Its been a while since I've posted anything so lets get caught up on whats been happening since I last posted.

So over the summer I was fortunate enough to be asked to shoot one of my favourite sports Golf.

The Canadian Forces Moral Welfare team asked if I would shoot the National Capital Open. This is a stop on the Mackenzie Tour which is a part of PGA Canada.


Matt Hill

It was an amazing week of watching these up an coming professionals show how they play the game.

I may have also seen a NHL hockey player being a caddy!

Mark Stone

Now when the week was over I thought that this was going to be the highlight of my summer shooting, but was I wrong!

During the tournament I meet the race director for the Canada Army Run and we started to talk.

He was asking how i did my job and about my past serving in the military. At first I thought it was conversation between soldiers and then he asked me if I would shoot for the Army Run and take pictures of the Soldier On  team!

I was shocked at first then said yes right away!

On 18 September I got to see some of the most amazing athletes ever!


This team is comprised of ill or injured serving or non serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces or the RCMP. I am apart of the this group having been injured in Afghanistan and run this race many times, But I never knew what it looked like from the point of view of someone watching.

I couldn't believe the strength and courage it takes to do this race when you're in this amazing group of people, yet I guess I kind of do having run it as a member of this unique team.

It's not just training, but also courage to face fears and determination not to quit.

So this is what I've been up to and who knows maybe there is something else on the way stay tuned!

Wish Kids take Over Exile Island!

Wish Kids take Over Exile Island!

On 24 June I got to take part in one of the coolest events with my Photo Booth in support of the Children's Wish Foundation.

The Children’s Wish Foundation’s Exile Island is Ottawa’s most unique Corporate Challenge fundraiser.  Tribes are banished for an afternoon of competition that will challenge each team member's mental, creative, physical and philanthropic abilities.  This is an exciting opportunity to go head-to-head with competitors while encouraging your employees to work together to help grant wishes. 

But how did I get involved with these great people? Well I was helping my with with her business Sew Crazy at an event in Montebello Que and I had happened to talk with the organizer for the event and one thing lead to another and my Wife Robin and I had donated or time and skills for this great cause.


For me I got to donate my time and photo booth to help keep the smiles going around.


Robin got to create some amazing superhero Capes which got a custom embroidered patch with there name on it given to them.

The kids that I got to meet were truly incredible young people and the challenges they have had to deal with are incredible. 

Watching the kids play with the teams that had come together to help make their wishes come true was incredible and made me see that life is short and should be lived to the fullest like these kids were doing.



I'm feeling very excited right now!

I have been given the opportunity to show my work at the RAW ARTIST show REVEAL.

Pushing ones self to get better at what you do is something we all strive for as an artist, but it what the public and our peers say that carries the most weight in what we do.

So for this show I will be showing some images I have done a while back and recently while at Algonquin College, but I'm going to open the floor up to you and get your feed back in what else I should add to the show. Should I add some graffiti images from around ottawa or landscapes.

So leave a me a comment on Facebook or send me a tweet let me know what you want to see Ottawa!

 Koi fish found in the Glebe

Koi fish found in the Glebe

Busy times ahead!

Well where to start about whats going on with DMP Dan Matthews Photography.

 On 28 May I got to be the photo booth sponsor for the Ottawa Distress Centres Chocolate Affair Gala with all proceeds going to helping those in need.

It was an awesome night and I could believe the line for the booth, but people where lined up and truly enjoying themselves.

Next I get have my booth at Networking For Nerds Flagship Event.  Want to have allot fun in a relaxed environment this is a must attend. So come out and unleash your inner nerd.

Stay tuned for the next adventure with DMP and with the up coming NFN coming up May the 4th be with you! 


Exciting times ahead

Exciting times ahead

Well it's hard to believe that two years of school at Algonquin College have come to a to close. 

I'll admit my time in the Algonquin photography program were some of the best,fun,frustrating and fulfilling times I have experienced in a long time.

So with the program done you may be wondering what next? Well let me tell you !

I happy to say I will be working with the following groups over the next few months:

I'm Happy to announce that I'll be the Photo Booth Sponsor for the Ottawa Distress Centres Chocolate Affair Gala April 28 at the Shaw Centre.

This summer I'll be partnering with the Centaur riding school and shooting their shows and events starting May 1.

    On May 6 my graduating class  of the  Algonquin College Photography program  will have their work on display.


On May 6 my graduating class  of the Algonquin College Photography program will have their work on display.

Finally on 24 June I will be the Photo Booth Sponsor for the Children's Wish Foundations Exile Island here in Ottawa.




Durning the fall of 2014 those of us that live in Ottawa were witness to something truly frightening.

On October 22 2014 while standing on Sentry at the National War Memorial Cpl Nathan Cirillo was Shot and killed.

As a former member of the military myself, I know first hand how some people see us as heroes and sometimes superhuman, then reality hits and its shown that we are just as vulnerable as everyone.

Now you may wonder why I'm talking about this, well next week I am going to recreate an image I shot a shortly after Cpl Cirillo was shot in hope to tie it in with a theme I have been working with for the past few months called Super Heroes and Villains.

In DC comics they wrote the story line of "The Death of Superman" and the pain that those in Metropolis felt. Hopefully In this image I hope to show my version of a fall a hero.



I know there are allot of people out there who are like me and love food!

It is truly an art to make food look so awesome that you have to have it. Last summer I had a chance to meet Judi Pudge from Toronto, and a Algonquin College photography grad, and ask how she is able to make her images look they way they do. Her answer.. have a plan, and shoot till you get it right.

Simple enough I thought, was I ever wrong as this project kick my butt!

 While I had plan and shot till I got what I thought I wanted. Within the next min I had taken my subject apart, put it back together, changed plates and shot some more. 

In the end I was happy with what I was able to produce, but its still not done........

Reset and ready to go

Reset and ready to go

In life we all need to take a moment and enjoy life to recharge our selves, and that is what I did with my family at week ago.

We took a week long trip to the Dominican Republic and at the time I thought I was doing alright work and school were going well and projects were getting done. It wasn't till we got to Punta Cana that I felt tired from not just the early morning to catch the flight, but almost a years worth of tension just hit me.

Once I got into the a set of shorts and tee shirt that I started to feel relaxed. One day we decided to take an trip from the resort to a monkey reserve and go zip lining. This was a truly awesome! Zipping though the trees and see some small creatures up close was great!

In my last post I mentioned heroes well the three people with are my heroes as they help me reset myself and get reay to get back at what I love to do photography.  

Punta Cana 2016--05.jpg

Superheros and villians

Superheros and villians

Growing up I loved comics books and like most kids during that time collected them like crazy.

Now that I'm and adult I have to admit I'm still hooked on comic book characters. I have my favourites like Batman, Green Arrow and the Wolverine, but there something to be said for the villains too.

The villains I find have the ability to play both sides of the fence and either help and or take advantage of the situation. I guess the reason why I like comics as sometime they mimic reality in someways. How people treat each other and their communities the lines between heroes and villains can be drawn.

Like the upcoming movie for Captain America "What side are you on?"