Its been a while since I've posted anything so lets get caught up on whats been happening since I last posted.

So over the summer I was fortunate enough to be asked to shoot one of my favourite sports Golf.

The Canadian Forces Moral Welfare team asked if I would shoot the National Capital Open. This is a stop on the Mackenzie Tour which is a part of PGA Canada.


Matt Hill

It was an amazing week of watching these up an coming professionals show how they play the game.

I may have also seen a NHL hockey player being a caddy!

Mark Stone

Now when the week was over I thought that this was going to be the highlight of my summer shooting, but was I wrong!

During the tournament I meet the race director for the Canada Army Run and we started to talk.

He was asking how i did my job and about my past serving in the military. At first I thought it was conversation between soldiers and then he asked me if I would shoot for the Army Run and take pictures of the Soldier On  team!

I was shocked at first then said yes right away!

On 18 September I got to see some of the most amazing athletes ever!


This team is comprised of ill or injured serving or non serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces or the RCMP. I am apart of the this group having been injured in Afghanistan and run this race many times, But I never knew what it looked like from the point of view of someone watching.

I couldn't believe the strength and courage it takes to do this race when you're in this amazing group of people, yet I guess I kind of do having run it as a member of this unique team.

It's not just training, but also courage to face fears and determination not to quit.

So this is what I've been up to and who knows maybe there is something else on the way stay tuned!