Over the past a couple of weeks, the booth has been in full swing and I have to say it's been a ball.

On October 26 DMP was at the Metamorphosis Fashion show put on on by Eco Equitable. Eco Equitable is a group that provides a bridge to social and economic integration for people in need, especially immigrant women, while making our community greener. The evening began slowly, but the fun really started at the intermission; people were lining up to use the booth and show off their silliest faces.

Metamphorphosis Fashion show

The same week, the booth and I were at the Yelp Artisan Market in support of  Operation Come Home, which is an innovative organization that offers a multitude of comprehensive programs and educational opportunities to clients. Located in downtown Ottawa, Operation Come Home helps hundreds of at-risk and homeless youth access the services and support they need in order to make positive changes in their lives. 

As you can see, even the most serious and mission-driven people enjoy taking goofy photos.

Yelp Artisan Market

Algonquin College Market

The last stop for October was at Algonquin College's AC Market. AC Market is designed to help new entrepreneurs test their products and services. I had a blast watching otherwise stressed-out students and typically conservative profs using the booth and being as crazy as possible.

It's been a busy month and November promises to be an even bigger flurry of activity, with the booth's first stop of Dylan Blacks Birthday Extravaganza at the Red Lion Pub. Dylan has raised money to support the Max Keeping Foundation and CHEO for the past three years.

As much as I love being behind the lens, I find it even more rewarding and satisfying to really interact with people and see them let out their goofy side at my photo booth.