In life we all need to take a moment and enjoy life to recharge our selves, and that is what I did with my family at week ago.

We took a week long trip to the Dominican Republic and at the time I thought I was doing alright work and school were going well and projects were getting done. It wasn't till we got to Punta Cana that I felt tired from not just the early morning to catch the flight, but almost a years worth of tension just hit me.

Once I got into the a set of shorts and tee shirt that I started to feel relaxed. One day we decided to take an trip from the resort to a monkey reserve and go zip lining. This was a truly awesome! Zipping though the trees and see some small creatures up close was great!

In my last post I mentioned heroes well the three people with are my heroes as they help me reset myself and get reay to get back at what I love to do photography.  

Punta Cana 2016--05.jpg