Durning the fall of 2014 those of us that live in Ottawa were witness to something truly frightening.

On October 22 2014 while standing on Sentry at the National War Memorial Cpl Nathan Cirillo was Shot and killed.

As a former member of the military myself, I know first hand how some people see us as heroes and sometimes superhuman, then reality hits and its shown that we are just as vulnerable as everyone.

Now you may wonder why I'm talking about this, well next week I am going to recreate an image I shot a shortly after Cpl Cirillo was shot in hope to tie it in with a theme I have been working with for the past few months called Super Heroes and Villains.

In DC comics they wrote the story line of "The Death of Superman" and the pain that those in Metropolis felt. Hopefully In this image I hope to show my version of a fall a hero.