On 24 June I got to take part in one of the coolest events with my Photo Booth in support of the Children's Wish Foundation.

The Children’s Wish Foundation’s Exile Island is Ottawa’s most unique Corporate Challenge fundraiser.  Tribes are banished for an afternoon of competition that will challenge each team member's mental, creative, physical and philanthropic abilities.  This is an exciting opportunity to go head-to-head with competitors while encouraging your employees to work together to help grant wishes. 

But how did I get involved with these great people? Well I was helping my with with her business Sew Crazy at an event in Montebello Que and I had happened to talk with the organizer for the event and one thing lead to another and my Wife Robin and I had donated or time and skills for this great cause.


For me I got to donate my time and photo booth to help keep the smiles going around.


Robin got to create some amazing superhero Capes which got a custom embroidered patch with there name on it given to them.

The kids that I got to meet were truly incredible young people and the challenges they have had to deal with are incredible. 

Watching the kids play with the teams that had come together to help make their wishes come true was incredible and made me see that life is short and should be lived to the fullest like these kids were doing.